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Good morning!

I can never resist a bargain. Clearance racks and bins are siren songs leading me to destruction. Destruction under $5 but destruction nonetheless.

I love me some Wet n' Wild and I'm pleased with how they are constantly doing great things. They keep on trend and mange to get those products out quickly. I don't so much love paying more than $1.99 for their polish though. I know, gift horse, mouth, blah, blah. You're right. But I'm cheap and stubborn.
Anyway, I wasn't able to grab any of their magnetic offerings until now. I know magnetic has passed but I still like it and I had to have at least one from my favorite drugstore brand.

Wet n Wild Can't Resist Your Magnetism
Three coats over base coat

CRYM is a classic metallic red. It applies very nicely and dries well. Not as quickly as I had hoped. I found this to apply a bit sheer so I had to use three coats for opacity. I'm used to two coats for almost all of the other magnetic polishes I own so this was a surprise.

The magnet in the cap has a stripe design. Depending on how you hold it over the nail, you can change how the stripes develop. My ring finger in the last photo shows that basically the stripe design is a vertical. I had a lot of difficulty in capturing that until the last photo because my nails are curved and the design blended into the curve a little too well.
The magnet works just fine, no complaints really. I appreciate that the magnet is set in so there is a spot to rest against the cuticle. I still bumped the magnet and had to redo this but that's just me and my shaky hands.

And...that's all I have for you. I have a busy weekend ahead. I'll be seeing the Mythbusters Behind the Myths live show on Friday night. I have a full day of work on Saturday and then I will be cheering Matt on in the Lucky Clover 5K afterwards. Good thing Sunday will be a day of rest.

I purchased this at Kmart on clearance for $2.50. 

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