It's delicious, darling

Good day!

I'm getting so close to finishing all my Zoya that was unswatched. Just a few more to go!

Zoya Yummy
Three coats over base coat

Evidently, these kinds of blues are hot for Spring. Good to know I'm prepared then.

Zoya Yummy is a bright blue creme that applies gorgeously. It self levels and dries quick. It has great shine without top coat which is important to me with a creme. I don't want to have to apply several coats of top coat just to achieve the shine I want.

What's funny is that I have worn this more as a pedicure color rather than on my fingers. There's just something about bright blue toes, I guess. Having tried this on my fingers again has me inspired and I want to do a lot of nail art with it. Oh, the ideas are flowing...

I'm afraid there's not much to say today. I'm trying to swatch, edit and schedule as much as possible as well as design a special manicure for Thursday night. I'm seeing Moonspell in Portland and this time I'm determined to meet the band. Last time, I missed my chance because I got really, really shy. (Pedro was hanging out at the bar before the show began. I was super excited but nerves got the best of me and I only smiled at him then walked away. Silly Lamb.)

Thanks for coming by. My apologies for the clipped and scattered post. I promise to do better!

I got this in the 2010 Zoya Polish Exchange and only paid shipping to receive it.

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