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I picked up the premier issue of Nail It! magazine on Saturday. I was pretty excited about it because I like the idea of a nail/nail art focused publication for the consumer rather than the industry publications aimed at the professional. Plus, I was hoping for an American version of the nail magazines from Asia. Those magazines aren't always the easiest to come by.

Nail It! Premiere Issue
March/April 2013
(Photo is a scan of my personal copy.)

First, I'd like to give my thoughts on the magazine and then the web site.

I was a bit concerned that it may be a bit behind with information regarding new products. If you follow nail blogs, you have the latest information about new releases long before they show up in traditional fashion publications. Same goes for nail trends. So that gave me pause.
However, I think they did well by getting the first issue produced as quickly as they have. Everything is up to date and a good resource for those who may not spend as much time online. 

There's a lot of nail art shown and plenty of how-tos. I appreciate that they included a tutorial to recreate the cover look as well. The "fashion" editorials look great and the photos are lovely. I would like to see even more nail art tutorials though.
There is the standard of how to find a clean salon, dispelling health and beauty myths as well as brief product spotlights that included makeup as well as polish.
I really liked the feature on celebrity manicurists as well as the quickie spotlight on Suzi from OPI and celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec and their product must haves. 

Overall, I think they did a great job with the premiere. Enough so I have decided to buy a subscription.

Let's talk about the website now.
I totally love it. They offer tips and tricks, trends and photo galleries of celebrity style. What I love the most is that they give bloggers an opportunity to create content. Krystal from Polish Galore has an article on how to navigate the indie polish world, Kelly from Vampy Varnish offers a review of Nails Inc. Baker Street Blue and other bloggers get to share some nail art and tutorials. That is rad and it really makes me glad to see it.
By far, my most favorite feature is the "Bloggers You Should Know." I love the opportunity to know a little bit more about my fellow bloggers and I think it's great they are being featured. I was pretty excited that my good buddy Judy from Beauty Judy was featured but I admit I am biased. I adore Judy and she's been a great friend. should check out her interview HERE.

In summary, the website is a great companion to the magazine. 

My final thoughts:

I would love to see more editorial produced by bloggers in the magazine itself. I think balancing coverage between pros and enthusiasts is a great way to go. It offers a wealth of ideas and inspiration and also brings some comfort to the newbie. It made me comfortable to try nail art thanks to bloggers and convinced me that yes, it could be done by amateurs.

I would also love interviews of polish makers/manufacturers. From indie on up. I'd love to know their inspiration, successes and aspirations. A really wonderful profile would be of Maria from Cult Nails. She's simply awesome and I'm in awe of what she has achieved. I really draw a lot of inspiration from her. 

Lastly, I think some articles on the industry would be great. Something to help inform anyone who is considering becoming a nail tech or opening a salon. Maybe even something for those who wish to begin creating their own brand of polish. I'm thinking articles that shed a bit more light and help provide useful information for anyone looking to join the industry as well as satisfy curiosity about the industry.

All of the above could add some extra content and really balance the coverage. I feel newbies would enjoy it as well as all of us "seasoned" fanatics.

I'm really excited about Nail It and I'm intrigued to see how it grows. I think it's fabulous to have magazine focused on nails for the consumer/enthusiast. I appreciate that the "voice" is enthusiastic and not condescending. So, great job Nail It. I'm totally in.

I purchased my copy at Walgreens for $5.99. 
Nail It! is on sale at: 
Barnes & Noble
Sally Beauty Supply
Hudson News in major airports & train stations

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