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I'm a warm weather person. This means I'm ridiculously silly for living in Oregon but it's a little too difficult to change that right now. Anyway. Every late winter/early spring, Oregon's weather is completely unpredictable. It might snow/rain and hit 90 degrees all in the course of one day. Also, the weather will be especially cruel by being pleasant and sunny for say, a whole weekend. Then it sleets and the temps like to hover around the high 30s. It is frustrating but I also find it very amusing. It's part of the state's unique charm.

This also means that it's time for me to start wearing and buying ALL THE BRIGHTS! Like obsessively. I'll wear brights year round but I guess the increased "daylight" makes them all seem brand new to me. This is why I had to purchase a particular Orly shade despite having passed it up last summer.

Orly Skinny Dip
Three coats over base coat

Skinny Dip is a bright turquoise with some subtle shimmer. It dries matte just like any neon. Now, I saw swatches when it was released and I thought it was pretty but I just didn't snap it up. When I was at Sally at the end of February, it sang to me and in my basket it went. This probably had something to do with it being a gorgeously sunny albeit cold day and Skinny Dip just looked like the most amazing polish ever.
Do not misunderstand me, this color is fabulous. It totally makes me think of the gorgeous poolsides I spent hours at sipping on mojitos in Cancun. This is a great association for any polish to have.

Moving on. Skinny Dip has a great formula that glides on smooth. The first coat is a snotch streaky but coat number two fixes that. As always I prefer three coats but you probably could get away with two. The shimmer is a little hard to make out before top coat but it pops nicely after adding top coat. I almost never show my swatches with top coat because I'm a top coat hoarder. I've run out of TC before and it was not pretty. Finally, Skinny Dip dries super fast. Always a good thing.

When I swatched this, I realized that it looked really similar to China Glaze Towel Boy Toy. So I had to compare the two.

China Glaze Towel Boy Toy on left
Orly Skinny Dip on right

In this photo, the bottle colors seem alike. However...
China Glaze Towel Boy Toy on index and ring fingers
Orly Skinny Dip on middle and pinkie

The colors are very close. Towel Boy Toy is actually a little darker and has a touch of green. Skinny Dip is much more opaque. TBT has a much more pronounced shimmer.

They're not dupes but Skinny Dip is a great color to have if you missed out on Towel Boy Toy and are having a hard time finding it. I actually prefer Skinny Dip over Towel Boy Toy. And not because of my Orly fandom. 

I never wore Towel Boy Toy on its own or even as a base for nail art. I thought it was a bit too streaky and much too sheer. So I've always sponged with it. Yes, I have tried it over white but I still found it too streaky. Now I have something to satisfy me when I want a bright blue mani. Good job, Orly!

Which do you prefer? Towel Boy Toy or Skinny Dip?

I purchased this at Sally Beauty Supply on February 23 when Beauty Club members received double rewards.

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  1. Dang thats bright!!!! I like the Orly over the ChG - no sheer streaky polish's for me!


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