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I have something else from my most recent Sally Beauty haul for you today. This is a polish I kept looking at over and over but never bought. It's because I was more concerned with picking up the latest from Orly and China Glaze. Thus, this brand kept getting pushed to the side and promised it would come home with me later.

Nina Ultra Pro Shiny Penny
Three coats over base coat

Shiny Penny is a metallic copper. I love the color so much. It's not too bright and it's no shrinking violet. Just right. It does has some frostiness but I feel that the color keeps it from being "mature." Unfortunately, the frost and metallic qualities does mean that it show brush strokes.

Brush stokes are usually a kiss of death for me. However, this one isn't that bad. I have had worse brush stroke-y monsters. I also found a tutorial some time ago that ingeniously showed how to smooth out that frosty finish. You can see it HERE. I did not use this method for my swatch photos only because I wanted you to see it as is.

Shiny Penny applied way better than anticipated. It wasn't too thick nor too thin. I do have to mention the new brush though. Ninas now have a wide paddle brush similar to Sally Hansen. I adore these types of brushes because they apply really well on my curved, tubular nails. I know some of you hate it but I felt it worth mentioning. Since this brush works for me, it aided my application. This dries really quickly and has a lovely glow. I recommend three coats for this because it applies sheer on first coat but does build nicely.

So, what do you think? Is it too mature? Too frosty? Personally, I love Polish Art Addiction's tutorial. It has saved a few polishes from having to find new homes.

I purchased this at Sally Beauty Supply on February 23, when Beauty Club members received double rewards. Nina Ultra Pro typically sells for $4.69 and is available at Sally Beauty Supply.

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