Spring of Rage

Good morning!

I'm so excited today. I'm heading up to Portland to see my favorite band, Moonspell. It's been three years since the last time they were in the States and that's just much too long. It's pretty rad to see shows in Portland but it reminds me how lame Eugene can be. I love my hometown but the live music that gets booked here isn't to my liking. (Not into the neo-bluegrass and againg hippie music that seems most popular.)
Though Portland is only a two hour drive, Matt and I like to book a hotel and stay the night. Tonight we'll be staying at the Governor which looks pretty cool. Plus, I will be going to Ikea and Ulta. Yay!

So, I'm going to show you the manicure I've done. But let me tell you how difficult this was. I planned on making nail decals, practiced them and they were great. Time to execute and it all fails. Horribly. To top it off, I've inadvertently dyed my middle and ring fingernails on my swatching hand. I was coloring my hair and my glove had a hole. Mind you, my natural color is dark brown. So now it looks like I seriously injured my nails. Rad. Thus, I had to scrap my original color choices.

Without further ado, my manicure:

This manicure was just difficult all the way around.

I did a gradient with China Glaze Recycle and Orly Decoded. I used Orly Dayglow and ended up giving myself a funky French mani. This was no good. So I used a fan brush and randomly swiped Sally Hansen Fog and Golden Tourmaline over.
I used Milani Texture Cream in Shady Gray and Tainted in Red on my ring finger and then used Orly Iron Butterfly to complete the cloud design.

So..yeah. It's not bad. It's not exactly what I wanted either. But I have no time to dwell upon it. I'm going to grab one more cup of coffee and then I am out the door!

See you under the Moonspell!

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