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Good morning!

It's another Zoya post! Today I have a lovely polish that has a dirty, dirty little secret.

Zoya Juno
Three coats over base coat

Juno is a gorgeous dark metallic purple. It applies beautifully albeit a snotch streaky at first. It dries quickly and has a lovely glow. But here's the rub: in the bottle it promises to be a glorious duochrome that flashes blue and green. BUT. It doesn't do anything of the sort on the nail.

That's right. It's a deception. A dirty, sneaky bit of duplicity. Okay, maybe it's not that bad. But I was so disappointed that the duochrome is pretty much nonexistent on the nail. It's not unforgivable because it is so pretty and I love purple. But it has meant that I tend to overlook Juno pretty frequently. And that is unforgivable.

Look at that color. It's a great base for nail art. I've even used it to stamp. I'm ashamed of myself. Juno deserves better. I need to love it for what it is and not bear a grudge for what it is not. 

Wow. That made me sound weird. Then again, I don't have children so my nail polish are kind of like my babies. (Not really. My cats definitely are.) Also, I'm quite socially awkward. So maybe it's not that weird.

There ya have it. A look at a pretty polish and a glimpse into my deeply troubled mind. May Bob have mercy on you.

I purchased this from Ed Wyse Beauty Supply in 2008. At the time, I was an employee and received a discount on the wholesale price. Which meant I only paid $2.10 for this. Le sigh...

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