Color Me Rad

Disclosure: This look was achieved with items I had purchased with my own money as well as given to me for review from a PR company.

Good morning!

I've talked before about my husband's fitness and weight loss goals. Last September, he ran in a 5K called the Warrior Dash. He had such a good time that he decided he was going to run in more races. In January, he re-defined that goal and decided that he would run in one race a month from February through October. He's kept at it and been having such a great time.

A little over a week ago, he and our friends ran in the Color Me Rad 5K. It's a fun run that's heavily inspired by the Indian spring festival of Holi. In this instance, you are bombarded with colored corn starch as you run along the race route. You're also given small bags of this color powder to open and pour all over one another. It certainly is colorful! So much so that a giant pink cloud hovered all over Valley River Center. (I almost felt bad for the people who had parked just to go to the mall and came out to find their cars caked in colored corn starch.)  I didn't run, I took photos. But I ended up covered in pink dust thanks to the giant cloud in the air. Collateral damage I guess.

So here's Matt and our friends at the finish of the race:

They were even more colorful in person.
(Matt is in the blue shirt.)

They all got "color bombs" at the end of the race and they decided to forgo the giant group photo to use them. So they decided to have their own color bombing session in the parking lot.

You have no idea just how much color was in the air.

Naturally, I had to do some nail art for the occasion. Couldn't let down my husband!

I wanted to do a splatter manicure but it wasn't going to work and I didn't have the patience. So I sponged.

My base is Pure Ice Platinum base coat. I got it for review last year and it's my favorite white cream EVER.
The colors used for the sponging: Love & Beauty unnamed neon green, Color Club Chelsea Girl, Sinful Fashion/Fusion Neon and Sinful Neon Melon. I just randomly sponged and dabbed until I was satisfied.
Topped with Color Club top coat.

Here's something annoying: Neons are apparently really hard for me to clean up now. I kept finding spots that were not acceptable and I was attacking my nails with acetone and my clean up brush up until we had to leave. Terrible. Even more so when I decided that I had to photograph my nails under the black light.


How awesome are neon colors under black light? LOVE.

I'm so proud of Matt. He's really done so well and he's so happy. We're both really sad now that any race in the country is going to be subject to heightened security and anxiety thanks to the tragedy in Boston. Sadder yet because the Eugene Marathon race course goes through my neighborhood and we love to cheer the people running. We may not be able to do so now. (Picture my sad face.) That said, I know the running community is not going to hide and Matt will definitely be able to reach his goal.

There ya have it. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Wow, amazing nails, race and hubby. Don't worry, the races will go back to normal again, those crazy guys were an isolated incident. I predict that kind of thing is still going to be extremely rare. I love the energy in this post!

    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm very proud of my husband and this has been great motivation for his weight loss. I'm glad you loved my manicure.

      I'm sure your right that this will pass, it just saddens me.


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