Do you remember Afterthoughts?

Good morning!

I'm back with another goody from my gift bag! Do any of you remember Afterthoughts? It was an accessory store like Claire's. (As a matter of fact, it was their main competition and was purchased by Claire's in 1999.) I had not until I moved to Oregon. What's funny is I remember liking it better than Claire's. Evidently, I didn't like it enough because the location at Gateway Mall up and disappeared a few months after I moved here.

I bring up Afterthoughts because my gift bag from Kirsten included a few polishes from there. That was a really neat surprise! Plus, I love them all. Yay! Today, I'm only showing one as I haven't yet swatched the others.

Afterthoughts Attitudes polish in Phantom Chic
Three coats over base coat

Silver polish. I can't seem to get enough of it. And gold polish too. I heart the metallic polish.

This isn't exactly gunmetal nor is it a bright foil. It's just a pretty greyed silver with a little bit of blue tones. I admit I did not have high expectations for this. Who knew what the formula was going to morph into?
I'm pleased to say the formula was really lovely. Went on nicely and dried fairly quickly.

Phantom Chic is brush stroke-y and it does require three coats for best opacity. I have found with these kinds of metallics that they never want to apply evenly with thin coats. So I recommend a slightly thicker coat for best results.

I'm very pleased with this and I'm glad to have another cool silver in my collection. I love that my old and HTF section keeps growing...

That does it for today. I've been scribbling ideas and notes for the wedding ceremony and it is now time to fashion a rough draft. I am not looking forward to the numerous edits I know I will be making. Le sigh.

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