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Good day!

I sure had one busy weekend. The weather was so lovely so me, mom and sis hung out while our mens were golfing. We decorated some vases that we'll be using for the tables at the wedding and did a bit of shopping. Once the guys came back, we threw together a barbecue and had a really great evening. On Sunday, mom made Easter dinner and it was so delicious! I'm still stuffed from it.

Anyway. You're here for the polish. On St. Paddy's Day, my friend Kirsten brought me the most delightful bag of  nail polish. Some good HTF numbers, glitters and other fun stuff. She made me deliriously happy!
This means you'll be seeing swatches of all the pretties she gave me. It's pretty rad!

Had to start things off with a bang and show you TWO gorgeous duochromes but also two dupe duochromes. Be warned, I took a lot of photos.

I was so excited to see a Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in the bag but also a Revlon that I adored back when and had no hope of ever finding. I found that they are dead on dupes so I wore them both in my photos.

 Index and middle: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Emerald Amethyst
Ring and pinkie: Revlon KhakiZING
All are three coats over base coat

Oh. Holy. Buckets.
These are simply glorious. Both are a purple/grey base that flashes pink, green and gold. Both polishes went on fabulously. Just flowed so nicely, no running and no pooling. I will say that the Sally Hansen dries just a little bit faster than the Revlon. That's evidenced by the small ding on my ring finger.

You guys know how hard I lust after duo and multi-chromes and finding the Nail Prisms is truly my Arthurian quest. However, I was so thrilled to get that Revlon. I remember when the Color Zing line came out, me and sis were insane over them all. At the time, I was super poor so I wasn't able to buy any of them. I always regretted that so this really makes me happy.

Good start, right? I'm so excited to show you the rest, there are some absolute treasures!

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