Got more pull than a magnet


Good morning!

Looks like I finally came up with another magnet pun. Which also means I have more swatches of magnetic polish. I know it's passed but I still like it. So, yeah.

First up is a Sally Hansen magnetic that was gifted to me by the lovely Kirsten.

Sally Hansen Magnetic nail color in Polar Purple
Two coats over base coat

I will say one thing for magnetic polish, it's usually so well pigmented that one only need to do two coats. It's weird for me to do so but that's my usual when it comes to magnetics.

Polar Purple is a win for me. My favorite color, metallic and applies fabulously. It dries pretty quick so one has to be fast with that magnet. I love that the magnet cap comes off and reveals a smaller cap attached to the wand. I hate having to keep my polish open to use a magnet embedded in the cap. 
I was impressed with how well the design popped and managed to cover the majority of my curved nails.

Next we have a magnetic polish from Urban Outfitters. I made sure to go there the weekend I was in Portland to see Moonspell. There isn't one in Eugene, surprise, surprise. (Seriously? There's an American Apparel here, why not Urban Outfitters?)

Urban Outfitters magnetic in Intercosmic

Holy bats, y'all. This is a hot mess. Intercosmic has a steely silver base and it is loaded with holo glitter. Once you use the magnet, the design pops up in an almost black color. I'll be honest, I only bought it because of the holo glitter.

There is much to discuss about this.

First of all, the brush. It is terrible. But it's not because it's thin, thick or anything like that. It holds so much polish that it becomes like a waterlogged mop. It's ridiculous. It made it so difficult to apply and it was so awkward. There was no way to apply thin enough coats, this brush only applied thick.

The formula isn't too bad and the glitter is great. Unfortunately, it did not want to show when I took these photos. I was becoming so annoyed with this polish that I gave up on trying to show the glitter. Anyway. When you apply your second coat, things start looking lumpy and not in a fun textured way.

The magnet works really well and this too features a removable magnet cap like the Sally Hansen. Here's my problem: The design fades after a few minutes. I tried holding the magnet for 20 seconds rather than 10 to see if it made a difference and it does. The nails where the magnet was exposed to longest kept their design.
Hence, my index finger faded since it was exposed for 10 and my middle finger is best because it was there for 20 seconds.

To sum up, this is a big disappointment. 

There ya have it. I promise I'm done with the magnetic thing. For now. ;)

Sally Hansen Polar Purple was given to me by my friend Kirsten. This can still be purchased at drug stores everywhere.

I purchased Intercosmic at Urban Outfitters in Tigard, OR.  I bought it on clearance for $1.99. It's worth about that much.

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  1. Holo glitter and magnet. Now that's really interesting! Looks cool too.


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