Good morning.

Boy, do I love glitter. I was going through my stash the other day and I was amazed by how many glitter polishes I own. Which surprises me considering my lust for duochromes and holos. I guess I just like shiny, sparkly things.

Which brings me to a sweet glitter polish given to me by Kirsten.

Afterthoughts Hyperactive
Index and middle are two coats layered 
over Urban Outfitters Matte Purple 3
Ring and pinkie are two coats over base coat

Hyperactive is loads of purple hex glitter and fine pink glitter. I think the base used to be clear but I can't say for sure. As it is, the base is a very sheer pink tint. I was impressed with how well this applied and the glitter coverage. I didn't have to swab, swipe or dab to load my nails with glitter. 

This was billed as a one coat, quick dry polish. It doesn't quite dry as quick as advertised but I'm certain it is due to age. As for one coat, well, that depends on what kind of coverage you want. A small smattering of glitter, for sure use one coat. Glitter bomb? Use more.

I don't actually have a whole lot of purple glitter in my stash so this is a very welcome addition. I'm already thinking about glitter sandwich manicures.

That will do for today. Until next time!

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