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Good morning!

I'm a bit closer to finishing swatching all of the polishes Kirsten gave me. I'm particularly thrilled with the next polish I'm about to show you because I get to tie it into Eurovision again. Sorry. Not sorry. Nonetheless, this a rare find and long since discontinued.

Almay One Coat Nail Color in Orbit
Three coats over base coat

Orbit is a chocolate brown loaded with silver shimmer. It's a really neat shade. It is a little brush stroke-y however. I had to thin this out because it was VERY thick. Like trying to paint your nails with pudding.
Thinning helped out a lot but after I applied, I realized I needed to thin it a bit further. As evidenced by my ring finger. Those are not dents or nicks, just thick blobs of polish that hadn't yet broken up.

It is very pigmented but I doubt even when it was new you could simply use one coat. Brand new, this would have been a two coater. Still could be now that I have thinned it some more but I always prefer three coats.
That said, it applied okay and dried pretty quickly. Probably not as quickly as it used to but that's okay.

What's really funny is that there seemed to be an awfully lot of polish in this bottle. I ended up decanting some into another bottle mixed with some clear polish and I barely made a dent. And I poured quite a lot into the other bottle. I had to decant only because I actually had to clean the brush thoroughly. There was polish in the cap and threads and it had to go. 

I really am crazy about this polish. I love the color and the shimmer so much. I don't have anything like it in my stash and it will be one I will reach for frequently.

Okay. So how am I tying this in with Eurovision? While I was working with Orbit, the song Satellite kept playing in my head. Satellite was the winning song from the 2010 contest. It's kind of a goofy song but it's pretty damned catchy. I'll reach even a bit further and note that the song does talk about polishing toes so...yeah. Good enough for a nail blog.

 I was totally surprised this song won because well, it was Germany. Otherwise, the contest that year was okay. Not great but a marked improvement over the previous year. That said, Lena, who performed the song was pretty cute and really sold the song for me.

Please enjoy.

Oh, Eurovision. I don't know how I ever lived without you...

There ya have it. Again, I'm sorry not sorry.

Almay One Coat Nail Color is long discontinued. It still pops up on random sites and thrift stores. 
The Eurovision Song Contest on the other hand, is still going strong after 57 years. Make of this information what you will.

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