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I love running away from home even for just a weekend. Matt usually spoils me and has a little extra cash tucked away so I can buy some nail polish. It comes with a catch though, I'm only allowed to buy things that I can't get at home. That's totally fair because it adds another element of fun when you go out of town.
Anyway. It was no different when we went to Portland in March. I knew right away one stop I would have to make: Urban Outfitters.

There is not an Urban Outfitters in Eugene. It surprises me because we have plenty of young hipster types who have lots of disposable income to blow. (Yay college towns!) But, no. You have to take the almost two hour drive north if you want to shop at Urban Outfitters. Fine. It's funny for me to go into that store because it's one of the few that makes me feel out of place. And I only go there for nail polish. So..yeah. Do with this what you will.

As was loudly proclaimed, UO began offering amazing and proper (read: linear) holographic nail polish. I was worried that I wouldn't get there soon enough before they all disappeared but I lucked out!

Index and middle: Holo Silver
Ring and pinkie: Holo Pink
Both are three coats over base coat

This photo was taken in natural indoor light

Oh. Hells. Yes. Linear holos...swoon...

I found the application to be quite good. I did notice that having an aqua base coat would give optimal results but since I don't own one, I couldn't try it. What I did was lightly buff my nails, apply my usual base coat and let that dry completely. Two coats wouldn't be bad with these. I chose three because I could see streaks once sunlight hit the underside of my nails' free edges. I also suggest letting each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next.

The dry time on these was phenomenal. I was really taken aback with how fast they dried. Once they did I had happy, dancing rainbows on my nails. Joy!

I adore both of these and I want every color. I could easily hoard linear holos.

I purchased these at Urban Outfitters in Tigard, OR for $10 each. They still have some available online HERE. The site says they are online only however but I'm sure some stores still have them on the shelves.

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