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Today I have another discontinued polish from my goody bag to show you. I really love a lot of CND products. But I always had a problem with their polish. The colors were amazing but they never, ever dried on me. Which was especially frustrating for the gorgeous, dark teal jelly I once had. I'll be damned if I remember its name but I had purchased it when I worked at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply and promptly gave it away in the Zoya Exchange once I realized that no matter what, it was never going to dry on me.

I found that dry issue to be the same for all the rest of them. (Hey, I got to try a lot of polish when I worked at Ed Wyse.) Then I found out I was not alone. Made me feel better but it seriously bummed me out. So I wasn't surprised when CND discontinued them all. I still haven't tried the new formulations but at least I hear good things about them.

I bring it up because in my gift bag I found an old CND.

Creative Nail Design Cinch My Corset
Three coats over base coat

I was VERY hesitant about this. I'd been burned before. I'm pleased to say that this did dry for me. However, I waited almost 20 minutes between coats because I wanted to ensure I really had given enough time.
The formula is a bit thick and needs to be thinned. I would chalk that up to age because I remember this applying very fluidly back in the day. 

Here's what I love:
The color is lovely. In bright light it's very similar to coffee with cream. In darker light, it leans much more light milk chocolate. The shimmer is really pretty and a bit understated. It's a perfect neutral and wholly acceptable for the office.

Here's what I'm not keen on:
Since the formula has turned, it has thickened and does not apply evenly. I will thin it out and see what happens then. I'm sure it'll apply much nicer.
It is sheerer than what I like. The coverage is okay with three coats but I would prefer four. It's not patchy or shows VNL but it just looks more like a wash of color at three coats. I want COLOR period.

I'm thrilled that this does dry for me. I may have been overly cautious about my wait between coats so I definitely will try again. Especially after I thin it out.
It's just nice to have a CND in my stash. I was beginning to think I'd never have representation!

Did you ever have issues with the old formula polishes? Have you tried the new formulas?

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