Positively charged

Good morning!

I took the week off last week because I was just overwhelmed with work, wedding and other things. It was kind of refreshing but I also felt so far behind. So I'm back at it this week but expect a few more disruptions as the wedding is coming up very quickly.

Today is another Afterhoughts polish from Kirsten. 

Afterthoughts Positive Charge
Three coats over base coat

Positive Charge is a deep "blurple" loaded with pink and blue shimmer. I was impressed with how it applied in spite of being older. It went on very smooth and the color was richly pigmented. Two coats would probably be okay but I chose three coats because polish has been applying on me very patchy as of late.

This dried very quickly as well and had great shine without top coat. Of course, I adore the color. Purple is my thing, yo.

That will do for now. I have so much to share, it's been pretty good for nail polish for me as of late.

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