Ruby Wing takes flight

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I really am a sucker for novelty polish. I have way too much fun with color changing polishes. I bought almost all of the Claire's mood polishes, had to buy some Del Sol polishes when I was in Mexico and now I'm on the hunt for Ruby Wing. Imagine my surprise upon finding one nestled in the clearance bin at Urban Outfitters!

 Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish in Wild Flower
Three coats over base coat
This is indoors.

Wild Flower is a sheer orange toned yellow with blue/green flash of shimmer. That's right, it's a very subtle duochrome. It's still quite sheer after three coats, I didn't attempt more to see just how opaque the color could get because I was not hopeful that it would. I suggest layering it over white or a nude color so it will really pop and to avoid VNL. It applied great and dried fast, no complaints. (I do hate how these kinds of sheer jobbies make my nails look dirty though!)  But, the important factor was to see it change color in the sun!

 Ruby Wing in Wild Flower
Three coats over base coat
Photo taken in sunlight

Once you go out in the sun, Wild Flower becomes a juicy orange. The shimmer is still visible but I saw less blue/green shift. It also appears satin-y rather than shiny once in the sun if you have not applied top coat. It changes color very quickly. The above photos were taken within 30 seconds of stepping outside.

Ruby Wing Wild Flower in indoor light
Index finger was placed under UV lamp
All others were left as is

I wanted to see if the blue/green shift was still there since I couldn't see it while outside. So I had a eureka moment and realized I could use my UV lamp to change the color while in indoors. I placed my index finger under the lamp for 10 seconds and then quickly snapped my photo as soon as I removed my finger.

The shift is much more noticeable and the polish looks shiny. Either my camera freaked out or this polish is a bit of a chameleon in another sense outside of the color change.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the quality of Ruby Wing. The formula is great and the color change is super fast. Plus, I love me some Color Club so I had high hopes for their sister brand. I'm pleased that this is a winner!

Ruby Wing can be purchased at They retail for $ 10. I purchased mine at Urban Outfitters in Tigard, OR for the low, low price of $1.99. (It was on clearance.) Ruby Wing is not available on their website, so you may want to check a store near you and see if any might be hiding in a clearance basket.

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