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Today I bring you my first ever Lancome polishes. These mini bottles were in my gift bag and I was intrigued to try them. I've not used many Lancome products, aside from a lipstick and a mascara. Suffice to say I was underwhelmed by both. From then on I never paid too much to the brand. Given that I'm obsessed with discontinued or HTF polishes, this was a real treat.

Both of these are mini bottles and I suspect they were part of a gift with purchase. Couldn't find a lot of information about them but I think they are both from the mid 90s.

Lancome Vernis Absolu in Violine
Three coats over base coat

Hello there you sexy, shiny thing. Violine is a metallic, vampy wine and it is gorgeous. I took elebenty billion photos because I was so entranced by it. I was blown away by how shiny it is WITHOUT top coat. 

Violine applied beautifully. The first coat wasn't terribly sheer and was perfect at the third coat. You could apply two thicker coats for the same opacity but I never do. This dried pretty quickly and I was good to go within twenty minutes. 

Lancome Vernis Absolu in Neptune
Three coats over base coat

Neptune is a gunmetal grey metallic. This applied just as beautifully as Violine. The dry time was a little bit longer but not unreasonably so. It's quite shiny without top coat too but not as glossy as Violine. This reminds me so much of my favorite Revlon Street Wear polishes. (I'm talking about Gunmetal. It was rad and I'm angry at myself for getting rid of it ages ago.) It's not a dead on dupe but it makes me happy. 

Both of these were absolutely lovely. Now I'm considering taking a closer look at what Lancome has to offer in way of nail polish.

It appears that both of these are discontinued as well. I'm sure they pop up randomly here and there.

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  1. Absolu in violin is amazing. SO rich and gorgeous on you


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