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Today I have another polish from my goody bag. I have always had some issues with L'Oreal polishes. The Jet Set line from way back when was the ones I was down with. (I'm still obsessed with finding Sea Violette, however. That and Sea Fleur lipstick were all I wore in junior high.)

Anyway. I was pleased to find this Jet Set in my bag and I admit I was pretty surprised.

L'Oreal Jet Set Quick Dry Nail Enamel in Zippy
Three coats over base coat

Zippy is a vibrant azure blue loaded with shimmer. It's not exactly frosty but it definitely has some brush stroke going on. I was surprised with how well it applied and that it still dries quickly. I was also surprised that it's not so sheer. The first coat had a good amount of opacity and was perfect by the time the third was applied.

I took a lot of photos because I wanted the shimmer to show as well as the fact that it dries a bit satiny. I did not anticipate that. It's truly pretty. This is another reminds me of Cancun color. (I think I've been missing Cancun a lot and I'm desperate to go back.)
I couldn't believe how well this applied. I dare say it was just like when it was brand new. No lumps, no pooling, no problems. 

Zippy is a real gem and I'm so very happy to have it. I'm looking forward to wearing it as pedicure color this summer, it's gonna look great with a tan.

This is long since discontinued but I'm sure pops up on eBay and the like. I recommend snatching it up if you get the chance.

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