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I have a thing for shimmery white polish even though they often apply patchy, streaky or sheer. There's just something clean and pretty about them. However, I do have an issue with frost finish polish and white frosts. The problem I have with white frosts is having seen it on older women who clearly had applied one sheer, streaky coat over bare nails. This seemed so half assed and boring. It annoyed me that these women couldn't handle a more adventurous color much less giving themselves a proper manicure. All of that came to me when I first heard about Chanel releasing a white frost polish.
I saw Pam's swatches over at Polish Police and I found myself really liking the color but not the brush strokes. (BTW, Pam gives beautiful swatches and her nails are gorgeous.) I promptly forgot all about it until a package arrived from Chanel for my birthday.

Matt had remembered me talking about Attraction and decided to get it for me. I was impressed he remembered! did I like it? Check it out:

 Chanel Attraction - Two coats with a third sponged on top
Over base coat, no top coat

Attraction is a pearly, frosty white with an almost silvery light. It is VERY sheer, applies streaky and formula is a bit thin. It dries really quickly provided you use thin coats. I waited for each coat to dry thoroughly before applying another to avoid bald patches.

I forgot to take photos before I sponged the third coat on so you can see the streaks. However, I refer you again to Pam's swatches so you can see them. I used the tip provided by Leslie at Polish Art Addiction for making frosts wearable. Sponging the final coat really helps. It smooths out and covers the brush strokes and really softens it. It can add opacity but you would really have to add another coat to really eliminate the nail line.

I'm completely enamored of Attraction. The pearly white with shimmer is so pretty. Mind you, I would NEVER wear it without sponging my final coat. Nor would I dare to wear it over bare nails. Oy. I hope Leslie's tip helps you. I know it's been a saver for me or I would never have this gorgeous polish.

So there ya have it. Matt scores another win! Best. Husband. Ever. 

My husband purchased this for me for my birthday. I don't know what he paid but I do know Attraction is still available at It is limited edition so who knows how much longer it will be around.

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