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As you all know I'm frugal at best and super cheap at worst. Dollar Tree is by far one of my most favorite places to shop. The price is right and I can try out some things that perhaps I wouldn't have before. Like nail stickers. I have tried them and only one I really liked and worked well for me. (Perl Fashion Strips, if you're wondering.) But a $1 price and novelty factor had me brave enough to try again.

Color changing nail strips was an interesting idea so I decided to try it out.

The package contains 12 strips which seemed to me to not be a whole lot. So I decided to only use a couple for my manicure. This is what you get inside the package:

This does not come with a nail file nor orange stick. Having had experience with nail strips, I made sure my nails were clean, dry, shaped and lightly buffed. I wiped my nails down with acetone before applying the strips. Since these change color in the sun, I decided to pair it with one of my Del Sol polishes.

Index and ring are Del Sol Rock Star
Middle and pinkie Donna Michelle Nail Strips
Natural Indoor Light
No top coat

Ok. As you see, my middle finger is chipped. And I will get to that. First, we'll talk about the strips.

I was really surprised how thin and flexible they were. I expected them to be thick and stiff. However, this means that they are delicate and brittle.  The sizing of the strips is okay but since they only give you a limited amount, you may have difficulty finding the proper size for a full manicure. They went on nicely but still wanted to lift near the cuticle. No amount of smoothing would get those parts to stick and lay down for longer than a few seconds.

I didn't add top coat because I wanted to photograph the color change and I was concerned that top coat might inhibit the change. I think top coat could have helped here because the above chip occurred within 5 minutes after applying. 

Del Sol Rock Star and Donna Michelle Color Changing Nail Strips in sunlight

The strips change to a pale blue in the sun, not the darker almost blue-purple as shown in the illustration on the package. The change happens almost instantaneously which is pretty impressive. This also means that they change back almost as soon as you are out of the sunlight.

Overall, these are not a very good product. They chip easily, are hard to get completely smoothed and adhered to the nail. They have terrible wear time and they do not offer enough different sized strips for a full manicure. On the plus side, they are not difficult to apply. They are thin and flexible, the color change is swift and the pattern is attractive. The strips are very easy to remove and don't require acetone. They can be peeled off very easily.

I would only recommend these for a fun, one time only manicure and I would strongly suggest top coat. That might help smooth things out and extend wear time at least for a few hours. Mind you, I did not have high expectations since I only paid $1 for them and I think that's important to consider if you do decide to purchase them.

That will do for today. I have a long day of work and have to shuttle my cats into the sunroom for a few hours. They do not like that at all! Gratefully, the weather is warm and they can stare out at the squirrels while munching on their food. Oh, my pampered little babies...

I purchased this at Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, one dollar. Not sure on the availability of these elsewhere but I do know that they are sold out in my location. Every Dollar Tree seems to cycle through their inventory differently.

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