Glittery confections

Good morning!

I had a terrific weekend. My husband threw me a birthday barbecue on Saturday and we had a great time. Seems pinatas are now a thing for my birthday. Which is rad but a little dangerous. I tend to swing it at it like I was playing in the big leagues. Just sayin'. We also made a photo booth in the backyard and had so much fun playing with the props and taking goofy photos. It was so successful that we've decided it will be a permanent part of all our gatherings from now on. Here's one example of how much we enjoyed it:

Me and my boys
They got a little hands-y with one another.

I love my friends. They're all pretty rad.

Let's talk some nail polish now. I'm trying to catch up on some backlog so I'm showing a couple of Wet n Wild glitters from the LE Coloricon Toppings collection.

Wet n Wild Confections of a Bake-a-holic
Three coats over PVA base

This is a fairly sheer silver glitter loaded with multicolor glitters. This built really nicely considering it's sheerness. It's not totally duochrome just really sparkly. It dried very quickly and does feel a bit gritty. It's not top coat hungry so you can get by just fine with a quick drying top coat.

COB is a dupe for China Glaze Polarized from the Prismatic collection.

Wet n Wild Chip On Your Shoulder
Three coats over PVA base

Chip on Your Shoulder is a pinky purple duochrome with lots of fine gold shimmer and multicolor glitter. It's super sheer even at three coats so this may be more of a layering glitter. This too dries very quick. It's not as gritty as COB however. 

COS is a dupe for China Glaze Full Spectrum from the Prismatic collection. You may only want either of these just because of the lollipop inspired bottle shape. Which is precisely why I bought them.

That will do for today. I'm going to be enjoying more of the sunny and warm weather. You never know when it will start raining again in Oregon.

I purchased this at Fred Meyer for $2.99 each.

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