Good times, great times

Good morning!

We've begun to get photos sorted and posted so I wanted to share with you a couple of snaps from the wedding as well as the manicure I did for my sister-in-law.

First up is my baby brother and his gorgeous new bride:

She looked so beautiful and I have to admit my little brother cleaned up pretty nicely. They really do make a lovely couple. I love her expression in this photo, it just melts my heart. Plus, I love that my brother almost has this smirk. They are just so cute together.

Next up is me and my siblings. It was so awesome for our older brother to be there. I also had realized that it had been sixteen years since we had all been together on my birthday. That was an especially delightful gift for me.

We're all arranged in birth order from oldest to youngest.

It was windy that afternoon and that made things a bit chilly so I had to wear a coat. It's a super cute coat but my dress was snazzy and I kind of wanted to show it off. P.S. My sister is really gorgeous, even windblown.

Now we can come to the nails. I'm grateful that the mother of the bride took the photo. The night before the wedding and day of were a bit chaotic so I was not able to take the photo myself. 

Bridal nails

My sister-in-law chose a half moon mani. What I did was start with a base of Essence Better Than Gel Nails base coat in Soft Rose. I used reinforcements to mark off the moon and painted the tips with CQ Rustic Dream. I painted two coats of that and then sponged two more coats to ensure opacity and diminish any brush strokes. We then added a single jewel on each nail in the middle of the curve and topped it all with Sally Hansen Gel top coat from my gel strips kit. The nail jewel came from a Cina kit I picked up at Sally Beauty.

Rustic Dream complemented the orange of my brother's tie as well as the orange flowers in her bouquet. It also added more drama and dimension with the shifting color. 

I'm disappointed that I did not take a bunch of photos myself but I am grateful I even have one to show you. Most importantly, my sister-in-law loved her manicure. Can't ask for more really.

Thanks for coming by to take a look. The day was really special for me but it was such an honor to share it with my family. I'm so happy for my brother and his wife and touched by their love. 

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