Happy Birthday/Wedding Day!

Good morning!

Today is my birthday and the day my little brother gets married. I'm super excited and a snotch nervous to perform the ceremony. But I'm so happy and it's been a great couple of days. Yesterday, my older brother flew in to surprise our baby brother. So, it's pretty awesome to have all of my siblings together.
I also met my new sister-in-law's dad yesterday and he is simply wonderful. I see now where she gets her loving and sweet disposition. We had a lovely family gathering last night and it has me all euphoric.

That said, I want you to see the manicure I've done for the wedding as well as one of the gifts my beloved husband got me.

First up, Present!!!

Chanel Delicatesse
Three coats over base

Matt bought me TWO new Chanels and I'm over the moon. I haven't had time to swatch the other (Attraction) but that will be up soon. Delicatesse was part of the 2012 Fashion Night Out collection. It's a really interesting color because it's a rosy brown pink in some lights and a definite brown in others.
Formula was lovely and dry time excellent. If I'm going to wear a ladylike color like this, I want it to be Chanel. Just sayin'.

So far, it's been a fantastic birthday. I have many goodies to show you!

Now, my wedding day nails. I wanted some nail art and colors that would complement the navy dress I am wearing. (Photos will come of that too.)

Don't mind the tip wear. I knew I wouldn't have time this morning to do my nails so I did them yesterday. Then I went to work and tapped at a keyboard all day. Gratefully, it's not as noticeable in person.

So my base is Nina Ultra Pro Lilac-ing Discipline. My clouds are China Glaze Grape Pop and Zoya Faye.
I topped it all with Sally Hansen Gel top coat from my gel strip kit. Clearly, I forgot to wrap my tips with the top coat. Oh well. At least nails are done.

There ya have it. I'm out to set up for the wedding and tonight I will be dancing with my devastatingly handsome husband. Good times, good times.


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