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You know you are seriously obsessed with nail polish when you not only look for it everywhere you go, you find it in unlikely places. Recently, I was perusing one of my favorite antique shops and stumbled upon a booth that had a handful of OPI and China Glaze polishes for sale. I didn't buy because a. I had very little money to spend and b. I owned all of the China Glaze they were selling. I passed on the OPI because I didn't like the colors and it's not like they were HTF black labels that I could use in a swap. So...yeah.

Anyway. That's one odd place to find nail polish. The other place that was a wee bit unlikely was City Liquidators in Portland, which I visited in March. It's one of my favorite places to go in Portland. They mainly sell furniture but they do have a floor for housewares and the like. I don't buy much there aside from the neat Coca-Cola collectibles I've found for my mom and some cute decorative items for my sister. This time I was looking for items for my bedroom and I ended up walking out with nail polish.

Bonita Nail Enamel Petite
Three coats over base coat

This was not labeled but I did some research about Bonita and found their website. However, I had such difficulty in trying to find out what this was named. So, we're just saying GREEN.

This is a fabulous little find. Green is more of a creme/jelly. The first coat goes on a bit sheer and streaky but builds to a beautiful opaque finish at three coats. You could probably use two thicker coats and achieve the same opacity. I was terribly impressed with how well this applied. It was fluid but not runny. Most importantly, it dried very quickly and with a great shine.

I opted for this because I can never have too many green cremes. This little gem is definitely going to be used for Duck Day nail art this fall. I'm so pleased to have stumbled upon this, it's a great polish and very welcome addition. I'm looking forward to trying more of Bonita's products soon!

I purchased this at City Liquidators in Portland, OR for a whopping 99 cents. Bonita can also be purchased at The petites retail for $1.49 but they also offer other polishes including magnetics that retail between $1.99 to $7.99. They have some neat looking colors and finishes so I may have to place an order sometime.
Admittedly it's hard to navigate through the color options, hence my difficulty in finding out the color name of this polish. However, they are running a free shipping special for orders over $30. 

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