Good morning!
I'm taking advantage of the time before the Eurovision Song Contest starts to get another post up. It's so weird for me to post on a Saturday when it's not football season...

Anyway. Let's take a look at something I picked up in March.

Urban Outfitters Pluto
Three coats over base

Oh, Pluto. Once a planet and now not. Also Greek god of the Underworld. Now a super snazzy glitter filled jelly polish! I am crazy go nuts over blue jelly polish. I'm not sure why but I am glad. Otherwise, I would've missed out on this.

Pluto is a cobalt blue jelly loaded with glitter that flashes blue, green, orange gold and pink. It's a definite galaxy on your nails. This applied very nicely. I had expected it to be thick but the consistency was perfect. Three coats was best to cover VNL. Dry time is acceptable. It's not super fast but it doesn't take hours either.

It's a great polish and very welcome to the family!

I purchased this at Urban Outfitters back in March and paid $4 thanks to a 2 for $8 deal.

So...yeah. Eurovision today. I won't be answering anything while it is on. I'm rooting for Norway this year. The song is great. However, it won't hurt if Romania wins. It's everything I point to as to why I love Eurovision so much.

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