Rich in the Heart of Moscow at Midnight

Note: I wrote this yesterday just before learning about the death of Slayer's Jeff Hanneman. Hence the odd transition from sad to not so much. 

Good morning!

So the wedding went off beautifully. I had to take a day off because I was just wiped out. We started the day at 9 a.m. and finally finished at almost 10 p.m. Nonetheless it was all great and the bride and groom are exceptionally happy. My husband was particularly fantastic. He took charge of running the event and I think he may have potential in the wedding planning business.

Today I'm trying to catch up. I've purchased some things here and there and I of course received polish for my birthday so there's much to show you. So we'll start with one of my Dollar Tree purchases. Some Sinful Colors shades have been popping up there so I decided to pick up something I kept overlooking. I'm glad I did because I found a dupe.

Index and middle fingers are Sinful Colors Rich in Heart
Three coats over base coat
Middle and pinkie are OPI Midnight in Moscow
Three coats over base coat

OPI Midnight In Moscow is my favorite nail color of all time. I've been wanting to buy a backup or two but I never seem to manage to. Imagine my surprise in finding that Rich In Heart is a complete dupe. Even the formulas were nearly identical. The OPI is just a tiny bit nicer but the difference is very small. I presume that Rich In Heart is being discontinued since it is at Dollar Tree and that's too bad. But it does give me a backup until I'm able to procure another bottle or two of Midnight In Moscow.

That will do for today. I hope to be back to normal posting on Monday!

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