Venique Nail Lacquer (Photo heavy)

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Today I'm bringing a new to me brand to show you. I had heard about Venique Nail Lacquer and seen some swatches here and there but I had never been able to try it. However, my mom happened to get some and made sure I got them.

Venique Nail Lacquer in Crushed Icicle

Venique Nail Lacquer in Raging Crimson
Both are three coats over base

Crushed Icicle is an icy blue loaded with fine silvery blue glitter. Raging Crimson is a true red jelly loaded with very fine multicolored glitter. Both dry very gritty and textured. Not unlike any of the new texture polishes. As I understand it, they are marketed as drying with a textured finish.
Both applied beautifully, not thick or thin and definitely not runny. I always prefer three coats but you could easily use two coats. The dry time for both is excellent. I immediately fell in love with both but Raging Crimson is probably my favorite.

I really love how each have a textured finish. Keeping me on trend, yo. I did try both with top coat and I can tell you that they are both top coat eaters. I recommend using something like Gelous or any of the indie specialty top coats for glitters to achieve a smooth and shiny finish. You could also use a UV or LED gel top coat. However, you must make certain that your polish is COMPLETELY dry if you do. 

Here's what they look like with Gelous as top coat:

I didn't add enough Gelous for Raging Crimson so it still has some textured areas. But it does really show off the great multicolor glitter and gives an almost jelly-like finish. Crushed Icicle is awesome with top coat but I definitely prefer it without.

I was so inspired by Raging Crimson that I decided to do a French mani of sorts.

 Funky texture French mani - no top coat

Funky texture French mani - top coat on index and middle fingers

I started with a base of Orly Pure Porcelain and then used reinforcements to mark off the tips. I applied two thin coats of Raging Crimson and removed the reinforcements straight away. I like the rich red against a neutral and the glitter is fabulous. 

I decided to take a photo once I added top coat to two of my fingers just to show the difference in finish. I ended up using top coat to finish the manicure. This wore really, really well for me too in spite of much tapping away on a keyboard.

Overall, these textured polishes by Venique are fabulous. I'd love to try more by Venique but it is only available at Cosmoprof and Armstrong McCall stores. That is pro only. However, I do have a friend that works at Cosmoprof so I may have to ask her to buy some things for me. 

To recap, Venique nail lacquer is exclusively sold at Cosmoprof/Armstrong McCall stores and salons. I do not know how much they sell for as this was a gift. Since they are sold at Pro only supply stores, the price will be different for pros and said pros may charge a different amount at their salons.
You can find more information about Venique at their Facebook page HERE.

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  1. Very nice! These are great colors. I picked up a few of the Julie G Frosted Gumdrops textured polishes and I like them so much more than I thought I would. Who knew textured polishes were so fab?


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