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There's nothing like glitter when it's sunny. I love it so that all I have been buying is sparkly, shiny polish. But I have developed a fondness for milky glitters. There's just something almost mysterious about them and it captivates me.  So I was pretty excited for the Essence Fruity TE because the polishes looked really snazzy.
I was stalking the Fred Meyer beauty department for them and I was lucky to get one because someone tore through that display pretty quickly.

Essence Fruity nail polish in Mashed Berries
Three coats over base coat

Mashed Berries is a shimmery pink creme with purple glitter. It looked milky in the bottle but not as much on my nails. It kind of is but not like others I have in my stash or have seen. Nonetheless, this is really pretty and kind of fun. For pink. 

Mashed Berries applies a bit sheer but builds nicely. It did dry very quickly and with a nice amount of shine.  I was worried that it was scented but I quickly learned it was not. However, a scented top coat was offered in the collection. Since I'm very picky about scented anything, I decided to pass on that.

This is a departure for me but I'm trying to add a bit more diversity to the stash. I now have a new pal who is six and really loves pink nail polish. And nothing is more fun for me than hanging out and doing nails.

I purchased this at Fred Meyer for $1.99.

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  1. Oooh pink so cute. I think I shall find this one.


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