Die With Your Boots On

Good morning!

I was absent because my sister and her family have come visiting from Nebraska. Last night, my niece stayed with me and we plan on playing with polish today as well as taking a trip to Fred Meyer. It's been great to have them here but the weather has been lame. This morning it's raining buckets and it's not supposed to clear up until the evening. Blah.

Since the weather has me bummed out, I figured I would show a polish from a collection that has been widely considered to be a disappointment.

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots
Three coats over base coat

I was going to resist buying anything from the Holographic collection since they were all so underwhelming. But I saw a nice swatch of this elsewhere and decided to grab it. It was more holo than I anticipated but still really muted. It was also a nightmare to try and capture the holo in my photos. 

I'm disappointed that the holo is subtle but that isn't my big issue. My problem is the application. It's thicker, drags and goes on so patchy. Putting this on took me almost 30 minutes because I was waiting so long between coats to ensure it dried completely before applying again. I suppose having a special base coat would have helped but I don't have one. I was impressed that it did level out and it did dry quickly. But I still saw some patchy areas when the light shone through the underside of my free edges.

I saw the patchy spots after I had finished and photographed. So I decided to see if I could sponge a fourth coat just to cover that up. I didn't take photos because I was tired of it but suffice to say, sponging didn't help much.

Overall, the color is good, the holo is okay but the application is major disappoint. I hope China Glaze will try a holo collection again and maybe take into consideration a better formula and better holo. 

I purchased this at Sally Beauty Supply. I wore it as a full manicure the weekend I bought it because it was sunny and warm. Currently, it's sitting in my China Glaze bin being silently judged by the polishes from the Tronica collection.

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