Friday Hodgepodge

Good day!

Posting later today than usual because I had to work. However, I have some nail art to show and a quick review. Let's get to it!

First up is Finger Paints Purple Palette:

Three coats over base coat

Purple Palette is a purple jelly loaded with very fine blue-purple glitter. This didn't apply terribly opaque at three coats only because I used thin coats. thicker coats would probably work just fine but it would take longer to dry. Dry time as is isn't quite what I like. It's still a bit tacky after three minutes and I didn't feel confident it was really dry after 5 minutes.

It does dry a bit gritty but nothing like a texture polish. It is easily smoothed out with your top coat of choice, no need for specialty products as it is not top coat hungry. Overall, I'm pleased. I will most likely use this as a layering glitter. I've always had some reservations about Finger Paints so it's good to have another one that will work for me.

Now on to nail art.

My friend Robert wanted to see how a dark purple and white design would look and I happily obliged. However, I must warn you that my cuticles look really bad in the photos. Which is unsettling considering that they did not in person. Either way, I'm stepping up my game in caring for my cuticles because this shit is embarrassing.

This is a very simple tape manicure. I painted my nails with Orly Wild Wisteria. Once dry, I cut sections of blue painters' tape with a pair of wavy craft scissors. I laid them on my nails and then sponged WNW Mad Styles. I removed the tape slowly and right after sponging. Then I added top coat and I was done!

I'd be more enthusiastic about this look were it not for the abhorrence of my cuticles in the photos. The macro feature is a cruel, cruel beast. I'm also a bit lackluster because one of my nails on my right hand tore. So now I have a super stubby nail. Boo.

That will do for today. I'm waiting for Matt to get home from work so we can get to prepping for our cocktail party. The party is tomorrow but there's much to do. I have to make a ton of mini meatballs, he has to make jalapeno poppers and we need to clean house! I want to get done before 5 so we can just relax for the rest of the evening.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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