Getting dirty for the Dirty Dash

Good morning!

I'm actually posting on a Saturday. I wanted to share the nail art I created since Matt is running in the Dirty Dash today. I had to do some major finagling for this and I'm really proud of myself!

My inspiration was the pig logo. I knew I didn't have a pig stamp but I did have that cute animal plate from Born Pretty Store that I might be able to work with. Indeed, I managed to make a bear look more like a pig!


Here's what I used:

All nails have a base of Orly Dayglow.
Stamps and sponging are Art Club striper in Black, Orly Buried Alive and Sephora by OPI Neutral Beauty.
I added a tiny bit of China Glaze Graffiti Glitter on the pinkie and a very light smattering of Claire's Black Crackle. I also added the crackle to my thumb.

I had a great flash of inspiration for the lettering. I knew I didn't have enough nail space to spell out "Dirty Dash" and I didn't want to use my nail art pen. Then I remembered I have a stash of rub-on transfer lettering. I very carefully laid the sheet down and used a dotting tool to rub the transfer on.

As for the pig, I used a bear stamp from my Born Pretty plate. I then filled in the mouth using my dotting tool. Once it was dry, I used my dotting tool to make it more like a snout. Then I took a fine striper brush and extended the ears to look more flap-like. Not too shabby, eh? I did find out that Dayglow goes yellow when applied over Buried Alive but that was okay with me.

I also used Konad plate m21 for the splatters.

As usual, I will NOT be running because I don't. But I will be taking photos and I will update this post with photos of my muddy hubby!

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