Hello Portugal

Good morning.

Oh hell, I have been so busy. I had family visiting from Nebraska, spent some quality time with my sister and then had a nice Father's Day picnic at a local park for my dad. And, it's just going to get busier. It's had me so wiped that I find myself falling asleep on the couch when Matt and I are watching t.v. Seriously. Like, at 7 in the evening. Oy.

On an even happier note, I did receive an awesome gift. My mom brought me a bag of polish that included a ton of OPI. My mom meets a lot of interesting people in her job and she met a lovely woman who works for the Oregon State Police. This woman is the one who gave my mom the bag of joyous delights. Mom told me a lot about her and how highly she regards her and I must say, she sounds amazing. So, thank you Jennifer for this lovely gift!

Mind you, there is a lot of polish I received so I will be slowly swatching it all and showing it off. I wanted to start off by showing a long discontinued and fabulous color that is rather hard to find.

OPI A Man in Every Port-ugal

Three coats over base coat

 A Man in Every Port-ugal is from the Fall 2002 European Collection. This was the collection that included Kinky in Helsinki which was popular enough to be re-launched ever so briefly in 2009. Frankly, the should have released A Man in Every Port-ugal.

It's a vampy, deep ruby wine with blue shimmer. Admittedly, the blue shimmer is a bit hard to see and it took a lot of weird angling and bending to try and photograph it. This is a black label, meaning it was produced before 2006 when OPI changed their formula to be 3 Free. It also means that this is without the much beloved Pro-wide Brush. 

Wide or skinny brush, this still applied like a dream. It went on so smooth and was beautifully pigmented. Enough so, one could use two thicker coats. I prefer three always though. Dry time was fantastic which I did not expect. Sometimes older polishes take forever to dry. 

I knew I was going to love this since I love vampy shades. But the shimmer blew me away. What a great surprise that was. I was also fond because I'm pretty much a sucker for most things Portuguese. As you all know, my favorite band is Moonspell and they are from Portugal. However, I'm also quite fond of port wine.  Now I have a polish that fits in with my favorite Goth Metal band and resembles a delicious fortified wine.
All I need is a good bowl of Caldo Verde. Aaand...you're welcome for that brief glimpse into my strange mind.

That will do for today. I have to work and take care of some things around the house. Have a great day!

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