Holy Haul

Good day!

Apologies for my absence. Aside from being busy, I just haven't been feeling well. I feel broken to be honest. My knees constantly ache and my back has been vexing me. Oy. I did not ask for this part of growing older.

That said, I have some quick shots for you because I haven't stopped acquiring polish. Boy, have I got some fun stuff coming up. My mom brought me a truly delightful bag of goodies that I'm excited to show.

First up, my recent Milani purchases:

Milani Just Peachy

Milani Key Lime Shine

I was pretty excited to have some Milani show up at Dollar Tree. I'm a snotch disappoint with the selection my store received but I did fulfill a lemming.

Three coats over base coat

Just Peachy is a red toned orange jelly with fine shimmer. More of a glass fleck. It goes on beautifully and dries very fast. Perfect for jelly sandwiches and layering. Also builds to a nice opacity with the tiniest amount of VNL. WIN!

Three coats over base coat

I wanted Key Lime Shine for so long. Yes, it's a metallic and it's full of brush strokes. But the color is rad and I knew it would be great for stamping. And it is perfect for stamping, btw. Now that I know you can sponge the final coat to smooth things out, I'll be wearing Key Lime Shine for full manis too. I chose to show it in it's stroke-y glory because I don't want to mislead.

Next up is a favorite China Glaze neon that I just didn't have until recently:

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
Three coats over base coat

I love how bright this is even if it's not layered over white. I'm also pleased that it's not exactly pink and not exactly coral. I'm less pleased that it's a bit chalky and not terribly self leveling. So, I'll be sponging it on whenever I use it. But I am glad to have it, it was a color not well represented in the stash.

There ya have it for today. More haulage to come! Also more busy to come. My niece is coming to visit soon and I'm so excited! Me and Matt are also going to be hosting a snazzy cocktail party next weekend and I have a lot to do for that. So far, this Spring has been a good one.

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