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Today I'm doing a comparison post. Matt bought me 15 Sephora by OPI polishes and one of those happens to be pretty dang close to my all time favorite polish, Midnight in Moscow. Naturally, I had to check it along with another confirmed dupe.


Above we have from left to right:
Sinful Colors Rich in Heart
China Glaze Lubu Heels
Sephora by OPI I'm With Brad
OPI Midnight in Moscow

I threw Lubu Heels in just to have something there. I knew it wasn't a dupe but it does coordinate nicely with all the others. So let's take a look at them under my Ott light and in sunlight:

Ott Light photos

Sunlight photos

Everything is three coats over base coat. Lubu Heels is the only one that really requires three coats, the others would be fine at two. All have sheer black bases. Lubu Heels has fine red glitter as opposed to red shimmer.

I'm With Brad has the most red shimmer and that shimmer is the most noticeable. Midnight in Moscow and Rich in Heart have more muted shimmer. As previously discussed HERE, MiM and RiH are total dupes. I'm in love with all of them and always glad to have multiples in my stash. I'm with Brad has a great formula and dry time, comparable to Midnight in Moscow. The brush isn't as wide as the original OPI but it does the trick just fine. 

For me, these are the perfect Goth-y polishes. A more elegant turn anyway. It's not black, it's not red and it has depth and dimension. Glorious. Also, the color I reach for almost every time I see Moonspell in concert. (The exception being this year when I tried to get all fancy.) 

If you liked these, most all of them can still be reasonably and easily purchased. However, it appears that Sephora is discontinuing the Sephora by OPI line so you may want to act fast before they're gone for good!

I bought Midnight in Moscow way back in 2007 at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply. I got Lubu Heels at Sally Beauty Supply  in 2009 and bought Rich in Heart at Dollar Tree in March or April of this year.
Finally, my awesome hubs bought me I'm with Brad as part of a huge Sephora haul this week.

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