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Good morning!

Yesterday, I received a wonderful surprise from my dear husband. He went on a buying spree and bought me 15 Sephora by OPI polishes. backlog just grew exponentially. I must say, he did wonderfully. He got me some great colors and since I just found out that Sephora is discontinuing the line, he got them for me just in time!

Today, you will not be seeing any of them because I haven't yet swatched and photographed them. However, I have two great choices from Orly's Summer 2013 Mash Up collection.

Orly Pretty Ugly on index through ring
Orly Sparkling Garbage on pinkie

Let me get this off my chest first: I really dislike the names. If I had to choose simply by name, I would never have bought these. I get what Orly is doing but it's not particularly appealing. (This coming from a woman who listens to bands with rude names that sing about terrible things.)

What is appealing is the gorgeous colors. Pretty Ugly is a pastel blue loaded with fine blue shimmer. Sparkling Garbage is a sea green jelly packed full of holo glitter. I was worried that Pretty Ugly would apply really streaky and unpleasantly. Gratefully, that was not the case. The formula is a good consistency and does start off sheer but builds nicely.

Sparkling Garbage is never going to be opaque and that's okay. I like it on its own but it's also a great layering polish. It applied great in spite of being very thick. Both dried quickly and how I would anticipate with Orly. 

Orly Pretty Ugly on index through ring
Orly Sparkling Garbage on pinkie

I used three coats for Pretty Ugly and four for Sparkling Garbage. I thought this looked pretty cool as is. I'm quite fond of the accent nail. But I couldn't resist, so I layered Sparkling Garbage over Pretty Ugly.

Orly Sparkling Garbage layered over Orly Pretty Ugly

Pretty snazzy. Overall, both shades are beautiful and a welcome addition to my collection. I have a little bit more love for Sparkling Garbage because it's a multi-use polish. I'm all about the value, yo.

Thanks for coming by. I'll be swatching away like mad so I can bring all of my OPI and $OPI to you as soon as possible.

I purchased both at Sally Beauty Supply just in time because that display was dwindling .

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