Mermaid's Tale

Good morning!

Today I have a pretty glitter that I could not resist.

Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale
Three coats over PVA base

I'm so unhappy with these swatches. I didn't have a good time doing them and it shows. I chose to use a PVA glue base to swatch this and the two just did not get along. 

Memaid's Tale is a deep blue jelly loaded with fine blue glitter as well as green and blue hex glitter. It is so beautiful! I had issues with application and drying but that was only because I used the glue base and that was a bad idea. Again, another lesson in chemistry. This bad reaction kept me from being able to apply evenly and with the best opacity. 

This can easily be built into full opacity and doesn't necessarily have to be layered. I think I will prefer layering it though. If you look at my ring finger, you'll see where some glitter went outside my line and that's what keeps me from wanting to wear it by itself. 

I haven't touched it since I swatched it because I had a bad time but I'm not blaming the polish. It's great and if you find it, you should buy it. Now I need to try it again!

I purchased this at Fred Meyer after price shopping it all over town. Good job Freddy's for having the best price!

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