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Pragmatic is one of those words that is frequently used to describe me. Stubborn is as well, but pragmatic is the kindest of the two. I'm not sure how I developed this other than I always have been and it seems to be a trait I share with my dad. It's not bad but it does keep me from enjoying myself sometimes. Like when I bought Sinful Shine in Pragmatic. Matt had to basically force me to go to the display and then it took me forever to choose a color. I had to think about what colors are underrepresented in my stash, what would be versatile to wear on its own and use in nail art. Frankly, I put as much thought into this purchase as I did buying my house. (Not really. I agonized over buying my house. Sometimes I like hyperbole.) It's just my way and thank bob I have a husband who loves me in spite of it.

Now photos:

Sinful Shine in Pragmatic
Three coats over base coat

Pragmatic is headed into lavender territory which used to be a bad color for me. I've noticed as I've aged, my skin tone has gone more olive and now I can wear colors like this. I used to be very pale and colors like this made me look jaundiced. This is how I'm like my mom. Her skin tone went olive too as did her mother. Whereas my sister has gone from porcelain to rosy. Go figure.

Anyway. The polish. This line is supposed to be very shiny and wear better than traditional polish. It is much thicker than I'm used to from Sinful and it was kind of a problem. It felt like brushing glue on my nails. I was worried it wouldn't self level but it did. I was disappointed in the dry time however. It took much longer and I ended up nicking my pinkie.

I thought this was going to be a creme but it actually has a bit of shimmer. It's hard to see in regular light but I was able to bring it out under my Ott light. I haven't had a chance to see it in the sun because when I got this and swatched it, it was raining and grey. This week is sunny so I will have to try it again.

Overall, I love the color but I'm not so keen on the formula. I don't like the thicker consistency and the longer dry time. It is definitely shiny and it is well pigmented. One could use two coats for maximum opacity but I compulsively apply three. Always. So, this really wasn't a practical buy for me. 

Since it wasn't the best review and lately my reviews haven't been so positive, I'd like to leave you with some music. This is just a fun song to me and it reminds me of my last trip to Cancun. (And it's not metal. I'd be ashamed but I'm not afraid to admit liking some things that are not metal.)

I purchased this at Walgreens for $2.99. Poor Matt had to stand there forever and discuss the pros and cons of buying this. He's a good husband.

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