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I'm so down with the texture trend and I've been buying it up when I can. Orly launched their own texture line, the Megapixel FX collection and since Orly is my favorite, I got me some.

The Megapixel FX collection is definitely a bit different from some others seen. They are all major glitter bombs but much different than the Zoya, OPI and Julie G. offerings. They don't seem as textured, more like a super thick and top coat hungry glitter. And that is a bit disappointing.

I picked up three of the six offered.

Index Finger : Black Pixel
Middle Finger: Aqua Pixel
Ring Finger: Plum Pixel
Pinkie: All three colors
Three coats over base coat, no top coat

All three colors are very thick and they do not apply that nicely. I had to apply three coats for best coverage because two still showed some patchiness. These are also not matte in the classic sense. They sparkle beautifully but there is a slight dullness. Adding top coat would make it even more sparkly and smooth things a bit but these are top coat hungry. You would have to use Gelous or a UV/LED cured top coat to really smooth things out without it being soaked up.

What disappoints me more than the underwhelming texture is the dry time. These took forever to dry. I'm not used to that from Orly. Overall, the Megapixel collection fell flat. I'm quite disappointed because I expected more from Orly. I applaud that they got in on the trend quick but they could have done better. 

No worries though, Orly have redeemed themselves with the Mash Up Collection. Some of which I will be showing soon.

I got these at Sally Beauty. They retail for $10 but I did not pay that. Sally had a sale going on and I used a 15% coupon as well. 

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