Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Get Spotted Kit

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I'm sure my fellow American nail enthusiasts have heard about the massive new product line from Fing'rs that is currently at Walmart. It's giant and it is exciting but what is really exciting is that they are offering a kit with their own "water spotted" top coat. Much like the coveted OPI Black Spotted.

It just so happened that I needed to go to Walmart so I made sure to see if it was there. I was really surprised it was there so I snapped it up. (Don't judge me about the Walmarts. I use the Breeze litter system and they have the best price on the refill pads.) Anyway. Ms. G from Nouveau Cheap picked it up also and she did not have the best results. Read on and I'll show you what results I got and what I think.

The kit includes two mini neon polishes in blue and pink as well as the spotted top coat. I was in a big hurry to try this out so I did a quick mani. Oh boy. I was happy and not so happy. You will see why.

The cat hair is totally an accessory.
The above photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2.
All other are taken with my Kodak Z5120

I did a gradient with the two mini polishes. I was probably really stupid for using the blue so close to my cuticles. I found it really hard to clean up, cleaning up also caused it to run and flood my cuticles. And of course, it stained. Awesome. I did think it cool that it looked purple once I added the top coat but I won't put this near my cuticles ever again.

The trick with this is to apply the top coat in a VERY thin layer. Like, you need to wipe down the brush until you think none is left on it. That will give you the most separation. Thicker coats end up with fewer spots and if you're not careful, you'll just paint black over your nails. The top coat dries really fast and it is super glossy.

I will tell you something I learned by accident: If you do not apply top coat to seal it in, it will wash away. I found this out when I washed my hands before I could add Out The Door. Gratefully, it doesn't remove your base color and you can easily reapply it.

Overall, I love this kit. The top coat is rad and the pink polish is awesome. The blue is a hot mess and I hate it. Now, because I love you...I have swatched the minis by themselves so you can see them and I also tried the top coat over some other polishes.

Check 'em:

 Unnamed pink and blue neon polishes. 
Two coats over base coat

The blue, were you to wear it on its own, definitely looks best at three coats. The pink is just rad. Both have decent formulas, dry quick and have a satiny finish.

Fing'rs Unnamed Neon Pink
Two coats over base

I did a macro so you could see why I am in love with the pink. It has amazing pink shimmer that glows gold in the sun. I desperately want a full size version of this!!

I did a skittle representation and I purposely topped each nail color with differing thickness of the top coat.

Ring finger is Essence My Sunny Side from the Sun Kissed collection
Pinkie is Pure Ice Silver Mercedes (Which is discontinued.)

I went from index to pinkie and used thinner and thinner coats for each nail. I was surprised that there were some cracks on the middle finger but I think it's pretty cool. 

Finally, close ups of each finger:

There ya have it. I adore this and I think I'm going to go back to get another as well as get some of the other kits. I highly recommend it BUT I think you should consider Ms. G.'s experience. From what I can tell, this doesn't seem to work for everybody.

I purchased this at Walmart for $6.48. Better hurry because it is going fast!

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  1. Thanks for the review! The pink is awesome. If you want a full size version, a close dupe would be Sinful Colors Cream Pink.


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