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I had my first full week of new responsibilities at work and a new schedule. Essentially, I go to work VERY early but I have afternoons free. I was so tired at the end of my day that I just didn't want to post hence this place being a ghost town. But I've pulled it together!

Today I'm sharing MoYou nail stamping plates. I was contacted by OMG Nails for a review and I couldn't say no. Guys, I've been sitting on this since May. I'll explain all in detail. Anyway, they have some awesome designs, some of which I had never seen before. I chose two plates and they were kind enough to send me a stamper, scraper and black special polish.

Here are the plates I chose:

See? Awesome designs. Of course, I had to have the cat one. Also, I'm quite proud of myself for devising a new way to show plates. Photographing them was difficult but I realized, hey, I have a scanner. Problem solved!

The images on the plate are etched very well, have a backing and come with blue plastic protecting the designs. The scraper is the best plastic I'v ever used. I have one other plastic scraper and it is useless to me. I've always used my metal scrapers since they gave me the best results. But this one works fabulously and I am very pleased.

The stamper is okay. My stamp part fell out of the holder when I opened the package but I was able to get it back in and it's never come apart since. I did find I had trouble with it picking up images and transferring them. It performed a little better after a light filing but it's not quite to my liking. 

The black special polish posed unique problems for me. It wouldn't work with the MoYou plates but worked just fine with my Essence, Konad, Salon Express, Fing'rs and fauxnad plates. I could pick up images on the MoYou plates with it but it would not transfer. Using the other plates, no problems. I like it better than my Konad special polishes because it does not smear after applying top coat. However, I wasn't completely satisfied since it didn't work with the MoYou plates.

Here's why it has taken me so long to post a review: I had some great difficulty using them. I'm not a novice, I've been stamping for nearly four years. But, I really had a hard time picking up images and transferring. I used different stampers, different polishes and even tried filing plate 65. Nothing seemed to work. I got frustrated and I put them away for awhile. I was about to email my contact at OMG Nails for some thoughts and perhaps some tricks when I decided to give it a third and final go.
Guess what? It worked.

I was so happy because I adore these designs and I desperately wanted to share them with you. So, I will show you the looks I did and tell you what I did after. A word of warning, my placement is a little wonky on hand because I was so excited it worked that I moved quickly just so I would be able to take photos.

All designs are MoYou Plate 75
Ring finger has a base of Nicole by OPI It's All About The Glam
All others are Sephora by OPI White Hot

Designs are with MoYou plate 65 and 75
Base color is same as above
All stamping is done with Wet n' Wild Black creme
I used the stamper from my Fing'rs stamping kit for both hands.

Success! I was so happy. I really didn't want to have to write that email, I really wanted to find a way to make it work. But I'm just stubborn like that.

As you can see, not all the images transferred perfectly. I can't say it was due to the plate, polish, stamper or scraper. I also can't say it was my fault. The whole working/not working thing is completely inexplicable. However, I did make sure I thoroughly cleaned the plate, scraper and stamper before moving on to the next design. And I mean even more than I usually do. That may have added to my success. I also would pick up the plate and hold it while pressing my stamper down. Having it lay on my desk seemed to cause problems with picking up and transferring.
I tried all of the stampers I have and I found that the one from my Fing'rs kit worked the absolute best. Konad special polishes work as do any regular polishes that are really pigmented and thick. (Orly Rage and Glitz, Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, China Glaze Heli-Yum and Avalanche for example.)

In summation, I can't make any emphatic claims as to why I had difficulty. I can't quantify any claims that it was the plates and accessories nor can I say it was technique or a lack thereof. Like I said, it was inexplicable. 

I wanted to share my experience so you know. But I can't say that you would have the same. I checked out the OMG Nail Facebook page and saw lots of other people had great results. Those that didn't seem to be new to stamping and needed some help. OMG Nails are happy to answer any questions, provide tips and offer links to tutorials. 

Overall, I'm so happy it finally worked for me and I'm happy to have been able to try these plates. I'm going to be using plate 65 for a manicure for my upcoming cocktail party. Seriously, how awesome is the kitty with a cocktail design? I adore plate 75, I have many plans for it too.

The plates, scraper, stamper and polish were provided to me for review.
MoYou plates can be purchased at They retail for $7.51 USD. They also offer kits, nail polishes and accessories. You can visit OMG Nails on Facebook for more information.

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  1. Thank you sooo much for this post! I almost gave up on some of the designs on MoYou plates (especially thin ones on Princess 08) , that I have just received... You gave me inspiration and now they 'work'!
    I have to use force and hard version of stamp... Being gentle does not always work ;)


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