OPI Roundup

Good morning!

I have some more OPI polishes from the goody bag my mom gave me eons ago.

First up is

From the 2005 Chicago Collection
Three coats over base coat

Oh, frosty, frosty polish. This does nothing for my nails. It shows all defects. That said, I see uses for this.
It dries really fast and it has an almost chrome finish. This is definitely one you want to sponge your final coat to make it look smooth. My bottle is actually a black label version and that's pretty snazzy.

Next we have

Sonora Sunset
From the 1998 Painted Desert Collection

Three coats over base coat

This is one I did not think I would like especially since I don't like pink. It's prettier on the nail than in the bottle. I liken it to being the creme version of China Glaze Strawberry Fields. I may be totally bonkers because they may have no similarity beyond the golden shimmer.
This is a "newer" version. Meaning that this has been discontinued but was being put out there for many years after its initial launch. I remember stocking it on the shelves at Ed Wyse in 2007. It also means that you may see some that are more pink like mine or a coral blush. The coral blush is the original color formulation but I like this better. My bottle is not a black label version.

I hope you enjoyed checking these outs. There's more to come!

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