Good morning!

I have another polish from my Sisters haul for you. I really love the color it just struck me. However, I don't know that I photographed it very well. Among other things...

Haken Sandstone

Sandstone is a milky putty color. It's much more sheer than I anticipated and I think that really accounts for my atrocious application.

Three coats over base coat

The formula was a bit thin and applied streaky. I'm sure I can try this again and make it wayyy better but still, sheers. They do that. This dries really quickly which is always a good thing. 

I was really drawn to this since it was really more of a putty color. I really needed to add to my stash of neutrals anyway. I think this could be really great sandwiching some glitter. And that's something I will have to try soon. I really want to my sister's nails for my party and that could be cool.

I purchased this as part of a 5 for $10 deal. Haken is a discontinued brand but shows up on eBay every now and again.

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