Good morning.

Today I don't have any pithy comments or weird associations with the polish I'm about to show. I'm pretty tired from my weekend. We had a cocktail party on Saturday and a really lazy day on Sunday. (Duh.) Monday found me up to my eyeballs in chores. The good news is that my house is clean and my couch no longer has a sweaty funk now that I've cleaned it. I'm sure you feel much better knowing this.

Anyway. The polish.

Haken Whirlpool

Whirlpool is a soft blue duochrome that flashes pink and purple. It's hella sheer even at three coats so it may be a better layering choice. It applies nicely and dries quickly. 

It's a really pretty and oddly soothing color. Every time I look at it, I just relax a bit. That really works for me today.

I purchased this at a gift store in Sisters, OR. Haken is a discontinued brand and a little harder to find.

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