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Good day!

I have a bunch of OPI soft shades today. These all come from the goody bag my brought me a few weeks ago. It is kind of weird for me to sport lady-like neutrals and I admit I wouldn't wear them as is unless I had to. I do think they are all very nice, it's just that I have evil ideas about them. Meaning I want to use them mainly for nail art.

OPI Passion

Three coats over base

Passion is surprisingly not streaky. It's hella sheer but I see using this in a jelly sandwich.

OPI - Makes Men Blush

Three coats over base

The palest, sheerest pink with a hint of shimmer. Not streaky like I expected.

OPI - My Daddy's the King

Three coats over base coat

Hello frosty! Streaky, streaky. But the formula was very nice. Dry time not what I expected but not bad. I anticipated it being dry sooner, hence the ding on my middle finger. 

I do have some more of OPI's soft shades to come but that will do for today. Today was my first day of my new schedule and new responsibilities. I've been up since slightly before 4 a.m. so I'm a bit tired.

I received these as a gift from my mom who in turn had received them as a gift. The mind wobbles...

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