A visit to the Whit and a nail art challenge

Good morning!

The weekend before last, Matt and I went to the Whiteaker Block Party. The Whit is an interesting neighborhood in Eugene. When I first moved here, it was known for being home to anarchists and junkies. It's also home to the tavern that I took Matt to on our first date. It's now becoming an up and coming but funky part of town with more families moving in. Several local breweries have tap rooms in the neighborhood and there are some great restaurants. The Whit is still a little different than the rest of town, it still boasts hippies, political activists and some junkies but it's not as rough as it used to be.

The block party is basically a big street fair with music, booths and food. There were a lot of concerts at the breweries and a big stages on the streets. We watched acrobats outside of a wine tasting room and they were amazing. This couple was my favorite:

It was just amazing to see what they could do. I wish I had photos of the performers on the silks and the rings but I was just blown away by them. I managed to snap these photos mainly because I coveted her tights and I must find them.

Afterwards, we headed over to Ninkasi. It's my favorite brewery and I required a Radiant Ale. They had a group performing EDM and that was my favorite music of the night. There was a good reggae band at the wine tasting room but I could only handle so much. Honestly, there wasn't a lot of music to my liking but I didn't go expecting to hear a great metal band. I knew what I was going to find. Reggae, world music, neo-folk and alt-country. Thus, I was surprised by the dance music at Ninkasi.
I was also tickled by the re-entry stamp given. It just seemed so out of place for the whole theme.

Matt's lovely arm

After that, we went to Sam Bond's where I got a really fantastic Reuben sandwich and then we headed back to Springfield for my girlfriend's birthday karaoke celebration. It was a really great day and I'm looking forward to next year's block party.

Now that you've gone through all that, we can get to my nails. Matt usually picks my pedicure colors but this time he wanted to challenge me on some nail art. 

He was inspired by the lamp shade on one of the lamps in our living room. It's a multicolored striped affair that I forgot to take a photo of for your reference. Anyway. Here's how it turned out:

What I used:
WNW French White Creme base
Sinful Colors Dream On
Sinful Colors Seaweed
Orly Lollipop
Nina Ultra Pro Lilac-ing Discipline
Love & Beauty Silver Glitter

I feel good with how well I matched the colors on the lamp shade. Seaweed is actually a lot lighter but it was the only green I had that came the closest. I started to use tape to do this but since the stripes are supposed to be in different thicknesses, I decided to just use my striper brush as and the brushes from my polishes to do this. It is a little shaky but I'm quite pleased. 

Since it was super sunny, I still needed a little sparkle so I used a thin coat of the Love and Beauty polish on my pinkie. Mmm...holo glitter...

There ya have it. A recap of one of my weekends and successfully stepping up to my husband's challenge!

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