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Remember when I went to Sisters and bought a fuckton of polish? I didn't show every bottle I bought. Years ago on my other trip to Sisters, I discovered Haken but I also picked up these novelty polishes called "Birthstones." These are also produced by Nail Magic and they're pretty snazzy.

So let me show you the newest ones.

All of these applied really nicely and dried very quickly. Amethyst and Sapphire are chromes that are a bit streaky but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I imagine they'd be great for stamping too.
Ruby is a pretty metallic red and is super shiny. Opal is a frosty white that I was sure was going to be a hot streaky mess and wasn't bad at all. I was also surprised that it wasn't super grandma frost.

Nail Magic Birthstones September/Sapphire
Three coats over base

Nail Magic Birthstones February/Amethyst
Three coats over base

Nail Magic Birthstones July/Ruby
Three coats over base coat

Nail Magic Birthstones October/Opal
Three coats over base coat

I purchased these at Garden of Eden Gift Store in Sisters, OR for $1 each.

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