Coral Amber

Good morning!

Today I have a HTF polish that I found in a really unlikely place. I've told you before that my mom is a district supervisor for a janitorial company. She oversees some big accounts like the Oregon State Police but also the biggest account, Symantec. This means mom meets a lot of people and she has a knack for meeting some really interesting people.

Recently, she introduced me to Renee. Renee works for another company that provides food services at Symantec. Renee is an amazing cook and she wants to buy a food truck and go into business for herself. So she's been holding rummage sales, selling her food and launched a Kickstarter campaign. I was all in because I love food and did I mention she cooks soul food?

So mom and I went the last weekend before last to get some kick ass food and check out the sale. We were there for maybe five minutes when I spied a basket of nail polish. I immediately grabbed an OPI and then dug in a little deeper. (The OPI? Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not.) I was pretty excited when I found a weathered bottle that really made me happy.

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Coral Amber

Aww yeah. Another Sally Hansen Nail Prisms. One of the beloved scattered holos, no less. The label and cap are worn but the contents were still good. 

Three coats over base

Sadly, my photos leaned way red. Coral Amber is a pink toned coral and it was hard to photograph. I was more concerned with getting that fabulous holo to be honest. The formula was a little thick and the dry time wasn't awesome but it did dry and that's what matters. I will be using this very sparingly because the bottle is as I said, beloved. It's not quite half used but close enough for me.

I'm pretty excited to have found this. I of course love finding a treasure like this in an unusual place. Plus, I got some super tasty food out of the whole deal too!

I bought this at a rummage sale for $1.00. I would've paid way more because Miss Renee is an amazing person and I want to see her achieve her dreams.

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