Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Stripe Out Nail Art Kit

Good morning!

A few weeks back I was at the Walmart for kitty supplies and I remembered that I wanted to get the Fing'rs striping kit. I was shocked to see the end cap display was gone and I was sure I missed out. Well, I went digging through the nail polish aisles and found it!

There weren't many left and they were all bunched together with nail decals but I got it.

This was my first time working with striping tape actually meant for nail art. I have art striping tape but it is much wider and thicker. Okay for tape manis but not great. This kit, however was super rad.

Here's a closer look at what I created in my playing around:

The black creme polish and purple neon are pretty basic. The purple is a dead on dupe for Sinful colors Dream On. However, the green/teal polish is gorgeous. The shimmer is fabulous and the color delightfully bright. It dries a bit satiny and does so quickly. I want full size of this!!

I used a bit too much polish for the tape designs but i loved how the striping tape worked out. I will be buying MORE! Using the tape itself to embellish was a learning experience. I had to cut and re-cut a few times to make sure the ends fir my nail and wouldn't poke back up. My pinkie was most exasperating but I made it work okay.

Verdict: Fabulous buy. I think Fing'rs needs to make the striping tape a core member of their nail art family. I just wish for the green/teal polish was a full size. I need more of it in my life.

I snagged this at the Walmart. I went for Breeze Litter System pads but I knew I was going to walk out some kind of nail product.

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