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The weekend before last, I talked Matt into taking me to Claire's because I hadn't been there in some time. It worked out in my favor because he wanted to go buy some new shoes for a 10 K he ran in this just this last weekend. I only anticipated finding polish but I found something much better for me.

Claire's now has stamping nail art kits and they are part of the usual BOGO deal. I didn't take photos of the kits because I'm lame like that. You can check the one I'm going to show a design from HERE though.
I got two kits. The aforementioned and another that had alphabet, numerical and catchphrase themed plates. I will scan all the plates to show the designs but it ain't happening today.

The plates themselves are nice quality and the kits also come with stamper, scraper and polish. The polish isn't bad, I did not have high expectations so this was a nice surprise. The stamper that came with the alphabet plate was a little stiffer but works great. The stamper in the other kit is crazy squishy and I found works okay. It's good for a really large and detailed design but I much prefer the other stamper.
Both scrapers were great. I've had bad luck with plastic scrapers so I've always stuck with my metal ones. I still need some practice using the plastic ones but I'm glad to even have some that work.

So here's what I did with the Signs of Spirit kit:

Here's what I used:

Base is three coats of China Glaze Watermelon Rind
Topped with two thin coats of Orly Sparkling Garbage
Stamps are Konad Special Polish in white

The Signs of Spirit kit offers three plates with tribal designs, skulls and a celestial theme.
I loved the stars and moons and knew they'd look cool over this layering combo. All fingers but middle have a curved star cluster that I decided to stamp near the cuticle. It was weird placing that was okay but could've been better. They transferred nicely, I have smudges from not scraping enough polish off. That's really due to learning how to use a plastic scraper. I used the crescent moon design on my middle finger and was really impressed with how crisply it transferred. This tells me that I need to practice using the plastic scraper on smaller, finer designs.

In summary, both stamping kits from Claire's are really great. I got them for a BOGO 50% off. The grand total came to $17 for me. My alphabet kit was $12 and the Signs of Spirit kit was originally $10 before discount. You'll want to visit your local Claire's to see the other kit since they aren't showing it online.
These kits are a good value not just because of the discount but also because you get three plates along with tools to create nail art. Frankly, I don't think you can have too many stampers and scrapers!

I will be scanning all the plates and posting them later. In the meantime, get thee to Claire's!

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